rescue road trips testimonial picture susan shane
Susan & Shane

I have the pleasure of being a volunteer for Rescue Road Trips. I’m in Allentown and I’m an angel! Someone I have gotten friendly with from Jackson County Animal Rescue Shelter down in Mississippi sent me a message two days before one of our walks and asked me to walk a dog she was concerned about. When I got to the truck that Friday night I asked Greg for the dog and of course he was willing to give him to me. When he came off the truck he was very scared and  wouldn’t come very close to me but I kept trying. When it came time to take him back and get another dog Greg said please keep him you’re doing better with him than anyone has along the way so I did. By the end of the evening the dog was sitting across my lap. When I took him back Greg said I think this dog has picked you my response was this dog has three families waiting for him in Connecticut but thank you.

The next morning I got a message from another angel that for some reason all three of the families fell threw, no fault of his own and that he was still up for adoption. Yes, he had picked me! So I contacted my friend down in Mississippi, she told me who was involved in deciding the adopter, and made  the proper phone calls  to see if I was able to adopt this boy. His name was Shine at the time. After a week of doing what needed to be done to make sure I was a proper family to adopt Shine. I was approved and it was a seven and a half hour trip one way to bring him home!  When I got there his foster mom wasn’t sure he would come to me because he hadn’t really gotten close to them during his time there. I walked in sat down on the sofa, she let him out of his crate and he ran right to me! This indeed was my dog, he had picked me! His name is Shane now. He is a wonderful, happy, adjusted boy. When he gets excited he walks sideways! If it wasn’t for my involvement with the wonderful Rescue Road Trips, I would have never met this boy or had the pleasure of being part of this journey of any of these wonderful dogs to their furever home! I am so glad I had the pleasure of getting to know Adella and Greg!