About Us

Rescue Road Trips

We are a low cost transport service for Rescue Dogs in the Deep South and an Ohio based rescue. We provide loving, humane road trips for homeless, unwanted, unloved dogs, facing assured-immediate death from Southern Kill Shelters. We help move them to Loving “Forever Homes” and a second chance at life in New England and surrounding areas.

The most common question we get is: “Where do you sleep?” We sleep where the dogs sleep, “In the trailer!” There is at least one person with the vehicles at all times from the time the first dog is loaded until the last dog is dropped off. This will insure prompt relief of any discomfort the dogs may incur. This is also the case even when the we are empty.

We have scheduled breaks to walk – potty – snack in Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Groups of Volunteer “Angels” are spread out all along the route. These groups provide walks, love, reassurance, and 1 on 1 time with all on board. We also stop for the ones that “ask” for additional breaks. All crates have individual water dishes and are kept full 24/7.

We leave Ohio on Tuesdays passing through Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and arrive in Texas on Wednesday nights. Thursdays we work our way from Texas, head across Louisiana and then head north towards Tennessee. Fridays are spent getting from the south to above the Mason-Dixon line. Saturdays are the magic day because after facing death, all dogs with me are about to embark on the most love filled part of their lives with their forever families. It is a a very wonderful – emotional event for all involved. And Yes, We usually shed a few happy tears. We arrive home on Sundays, for some hard earned rest. On Mondays we clean trailers and sanitize crates, and get ready to do “That Rescue Thing” all again on Tuesday.

Enough of me talking about me. Stop by my Facebook and Testimonials pages to see what others say.