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Mingo Family

Words can’t thank you both enough for the work you do.  On Saturday, Dec. 6th you brought us our newest family member, Boomer.   After our beloved Lab of 12 years died we have waited 2 years for just the right dog.  I knew instantly Boomer was the dog for our family and in one short week he has once again completed our family.  As a military family we move every couple of years and my children have never experienced snow.  My husband recently became assigned to Newport, R.I. and during these last couple of months all my children have been asking for is a dog and snow!!  This past weekend we fulfilled both their wishes.  Boomer arrived on Saturday and Sunday morning we awoke to 3 inches of snow.  Thank you both for being apart of such joy.

Please know that we understand the honor it is to be caring for Boomer.

The Mingo Family