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In just after Christmas of 2015 my husband and I lost our dog of 11 years. It was pretty devastating. We said we would wait to get another dog because we were so sad but knew the house was way too quiet it became unbearable. We went to local shelters and either a dog we were interested in had already found a home or there wasn’t one we connected with. I found a picture of a pup in Tx that had been hanging out at the vet because all fosters spoken for at the time. I was weary but after what seemed like a long search decided to try. I remember being nervous, emotional and excited all in one that day. Greg could see I guess and approached us first. He said “this one, well she is like whatever, nothing phases her” or something to that effect. Anyway pics speak for themselves. It will have been 2 years this Feb 7. Thanks for giving us the option to connect where otherwise we wouldn’t have 🙂

Renee Matthews