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Patricia & Temple

We have been so rewarded in the six years that we have been walkers for RRT in Allentown. We have grown to love, Greg, Adella and all the volunteers and consider all of them as our family in rescue. The happiest night ever was when we were there to bring home our own adopted pup from Shaggy Dog Rescue in Tx. 

I have so much respect and gratitude for Kathy Wetmore. She is a professional who shows, compassion, caring and love for her dogs throughout the process of placing them with the family that will love them forever. Greg is a dedicated man whose love for his precious cargo is recognized by everyone! We are ardent supporters of all that Greg, Adella and those in rescue do. Personally RRT and our  “Temple ,now Nash” has brought us nothing but happiness!

We are so proud to offer our time, treats and affection to the dogs on the RRT transport and show them just a bit of the life that awaits them at the end of the trip! Life is definitely better for all of us!