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I would entrust any member of my 4-legged family to Greg and his team at RRT.  They are truly the embodiment of the phrase: “for the animals.”  Greg and Adella live and breathe a dedication, mission, and commitment to saving lives  “4 paws at a time,” not only in their professional lives, but in their personal lives as well.  Anyone involved in rescue knows that rescue is not a life of glamor, of fame, of fortune, or selfishness.  RRT is the result of one man walking away from what he knew to what his heart told him was necessary.  I have witnessed this man, dozens of times, covered in dog spit and road dirt with the biggest smile on his face because he is watching a dog meet his forever family for the first time.  The joy will just bowl you over in its powerfulness.  And this is RRT.  I am proud to call myself a supporter, and I will be for life.

Linda Mack