rescue road trips testimonial picture betsy

While we were waiting for Betsy, our new Beagle mix, to arrive from Louisiana I decided to read about you on your web site. While I find the website is accurate it does you no justice. You are a Angel sent from God. Upon reading the many stories on you site I cried, with sadness for the ones lost and with happiness for the ones who got their “Forever Homes”. The joy you bring into people’s lives is unbelievable. The anticipation was almost unbearable.

The day had finally come. My husband, my two little kids and I waited in the parking lot. We could not believe all the other families waiting there for you. My eyes welled up as I saw you finally drive in the parking lot in Windham NH. It was amazing. People were cheering and getting emotional. So happy to see their Angel driving his big white van, with his beautiful dog on his lap. When you opened the doors of the van the magnitude of what you do hit me. It was beyond anything I had expected. We frantically searched for our little Betsy. Then there she was. My heart melted. She was perfect.

Before we left you took our family picture and thanked us. There are no amount of words that could even express our gratitude toward you and your company. Thank you just does not seem like enough. You are an amazing human being. There is a special place in this world, and beyond for you. I have told literally every person I know about you, Rescue Road Trips and the organization we adopted Betsy from. You all are wonderful people. Thank you a million times over for what you do.

Sincerely, The Cormier Family