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Alice & Ivan

This summer we lost our beloved dog to cancer quite suddenly. It wasn’t long before we started cruising petfinder and we linked up with Cenla Alliance for Animals. After lots of discussion we decided to adopt JR Ewing (now Ivan) who had been in their shelter in Louisiana for several months. We were told he was a shelter favorite and they didn’t know why he hadn’t been adopted yet! A week later we met RRT in Rhode Island where we picked up Ivan and brought him home. It took a little while for our cat, Jill, to accept him, but soon he had won us all over with his huge heart and constantly wagging tail. He’s incredibly intelligent and very loving. All he wants to do every evening is lie with his head in my lap. He’s cuddled up to me on the sofa as I type. And Jill is sleeping soundly only a few feet away. He has been the perfect addition to our family. Thank you Rescue Road Trips!