rescue road trips testimonial picture doreen tessa

Doreen & Tessa

I believe in MAGIC because of Rescue Road trips.  I never expected I could believe in magic until one day in February almost six years ago.  I had a crate to send back to Texas and had just bought a camcorder.  I started my camcorder and saw the MAGIC...
rescue road trips testimonial picture susan shane

Susan & Shane

I have the pleasure of being a volunteer for Rescue Road Trips. I’m in Allentown and I’m an angel! Someone I have gotten friendly with from Jackson County Animal Rescue Shelter down in Mississippi sent me a message two days before one of our walks and asked me to...
rescue road trips testimonial picture patty elmo

Patty & Elmo

On January 12, 2013, I arrived in Rocky Hill, CT to pick up the newest addition to our family, Elmo.  After talking to a few people I learned that there were volunteers waiting to walk dogs and give them some love before continuing on their journey home. It was...